Here at South Clwyd Beekeepers’ Association, we are proud of the work we do in educating new beekeepers and helping existing beekeepers to improve their skills.  To this end we have run successful courses for both beginners – those with no prior knowledge or experience of bees or beekeeping, and improvers – those wishing to consolidate their knowledge and improve their skills.

As part of their training, new beekeepers can be introduced to an experienced mentor, who will provide advice and support during the initial stages of setting up an apiary and obtaining bees.

As well as providing the training, we also provide beekeepers with the necessary hands-on skills and experience they need at sessions held throughout the year at our dedicated training apiary.

Beginners Course

This is a season (Beekeeping season) long course designed to give a new beekeeper all the knowledge and tools they need to begin keeping bees. You will begin with 2 day long sessions in the classroom followed by a dedicated practical day in the association apiary. The opportunity also exists to attend weekly workshops at our teaching apiary. It is great value for money.

This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in the world of beekeeping or who wants to become a beekeeper. It is also suitable for anyone who has recently started beekeeping but has not yet completed a course. The course aims to cover all the essential elements of beekeeping through detailed presentations and open question and answer sessions. The topics covered will include but are not limited to:

Read more information on the Beginners course

Intermediate (Improvers) Beekeepers Course 

This course is designed to follow on from the Beginners course and is aimed at consolidating and revising the material covered previously. It will introduce new topics which should be of interest to those who have kept bees for a year or more. It will therefore also be of interest to those who have already attended an introductory course or anyone returning to beekeeping after a gap of several years.

Completion of SCBKA’s Beginners and improvers courses provide an excellent basis for those wishing to prepare for the WBKA Basic Assessment which SCBKA is keen to encourage.

Read more information on the Intermediate Course

WBKA Basic Assessment

If you have kept bees for at least one full season, have you thought about taking the WBKA Basic Assessment?

After your first season you will have built up your skills through practical experience and through attendance on a beginners and improvers course.  This is the ideal time to take things a little further.

Successfully passing the Basic Assessment demonstrates that you have achieved a good level of understanding in managing your bees.

You will need to do a bit of reading in preparation, but the assessment is quite informal and actually quite enjoyable.

WBKA would like 50% of beekeepers to take the Basic Assessment, and SCBKA would like to support this approach.

If you are interested, we can put you in touch with someone who has already passed, or if a number of people are interested, we could set up a study group, an approach which has proved popular for other assessments.

If you wish to apply for this assessment please complete the form on WBKA site