Honey Show

2019 Honey Show

After many years in Llangollen this year’s Honey Show is coming home to Llysfasi.

Parking in Llangollen has always been a problem with members finding delivery and collection of  exhibits a real chore, resulting in fewer exhibitors year on year. Even though the number of exhibits has held up well the show should be for the many and not the few.

So on Monday 11th November we would like as many members as possible to enter a jar of honey and/or another item from the schedule. Our very own ‘proper’ Show judge Joyce Nisbet will judge whilst we ‘do’ the AGM before talking us through the judging process, dispensing tips, wisdom, and prizes, all washed down with a taste of mead (Other refreshments will be available)

Show Secretary Catherine Gardener-Thorpe has prepared the schedule.

The classes are as follows :-

  1. One round 1lb jar of light clear honey
  2. One round 1 lb jar of medium clear honey
  3. One round 1 lb jar of Heather honey
  4. One round 1 lb jar of granulated honey
  5. One frame of honey suitable for extraction (in a bee proof container)
  6. Three identical small/ one ounce bars of wax
  7. One photograph related to bees or beekeeping (mounted)
  8. One brood frame with foundation made up by the exhibitor
  9. One round 1 lb empty jar with fully compliant label



Classes 1-2 Grading glasses are available to check the colour if you are not sure whether yours is light or medium colour.
Class 6- Wynne and other retailers sell wax moulds as a set of five so if you make five, just pick the best three for showing.
Class 7-If you are not able to provide a mount for your photo, there will be card and adhesive corners available for you to use when setting up, or I can do it for you.

Good luck everyone.