Enjoy the benefits

For less than £2.50 per month you will receive:-

  • Access to locally raised strains of honeybee
  • Courses with mentoring for new beekeepers
  • Apiary meetings during the summer
  • Evening meetings throughout the winter at Llysfasi College and online
  • Discounts on beekeeping supplies from C Wynne Jones and delicious Patchwork Paté
  • Regular mailshots keeping you up to date with what is happening within our association, the Welsh Beekeeping Association and the wider beekeeping community
  • Free bee disease insurance, which covers American Foul Brood and European Foul Brood
  • Product liability insurance
  • WBKA Welsh Beekeeper magazine four times a year
  • Membership of the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association
  • All the help you need to control varroa, and regular updates on varroa research
  • Public liability insurance up to £5 million.

2022/23 Policy Schedule

Membership Fees


Membership type Annual Cost
Full member £27.00
Associate member £17.00

If you have more than 3 hives, there is an additional cost for insurance:

Total number of hives Additional Annual Cost
4-5 £2.00
6-10 £5.25
11-15 £7.75
16-20 £9.50
21-25 £11.10
26-30 £13.60
31-35 £16.10
36-39 £18.10
40+ You need bee farmer insurance. This is not available under our British Disease Insurance arrangements.

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